Monday, January 4, 2010

Teluguone's Interview with Katari Srinivasa Rao, Raveendar and DVS Varma


  1. DVS is an annoying prick. He is frequently interfering and whining all along the discussion. We are better off without this egotistical maniac.

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  3. Now it is clear to everyone why people like Varma have been expelled from the party. No one can stand such an annoying person. He is better off out.

  4. People better mind your language. Mr varma is entrepreneur and achieved a lot in life. Mind your f****ing language.

    Look at what loksatta has achieved in kukatpally first.

  5. Talking about Mr.Raveendher. With due respect, what is your position now in loksatta?.

    You can find him in telangana loksatta now. he is also among the one's who got fed up of loksatta's ill politics and now has landed in telangana loksatta(supposedly anti loksatta ) team.

    Sometimes it needs courage to stand up and speak what the truth is. He never had that when Mr.Varma stood against everybody.