Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dr.JP Live Show in CVR News on AP Bifurcation

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  1. I very highly respect Lok Satta party and JP Garini. I see him as this generation Gandhi.

    I seek question wise replies for below two questions from Lok Satta party.

    1) Loksatta party seem to be thinking that division is inevitable. If so, what is the reason? Why do you think we can't again live together as one state? Even in past there were strong Jai Telangana and Jai Andhra movements. Still people have moved on and lived together as one state for 3 decades till 2003. Do you believe we can't live together as one state anymore? (meeku nakante tappaka ekkuva telise untundi, so mee opinion I respect and accept)

    2) As a party with high moral values and higher intellectual ability than the other parties, what is you view/assessment of 'implication of this state split on National Unity and Integrity'? I believe, if we split a state based on flimsy reasons then even in our lifetime we will see India splitting into 50+ states and eventually into may be more than 3 countries. Immediately Rayalaseema will ask for separate state, Bodoland, Gorkhaland, Vidarbha and many more will follow. Believe me humans will find ingenious ways to separate themselves from others. Eventually North East will separate out of India and finally South India will split from North India.

    What is your view/ assessment of this split on National Unity? What are the action points to prevent dis-integration of India.

    Have you done any basic assessment yet? or by when you will form a view of your party? or As other parties, you too want to just solve the problems at hand without thinking about possible future problems?