Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Talk by Dr Jayaprakash Narayana - APARD Trains Bhutan Parliamentarians


  1. Mr.JP sir if you can implicitly influence the top legislators and enacting the needy things infavour of the people by being in the standing committee with your huge network , then why do we need to become politicians by crossing myriad hurdles to do the better.We can indeed do the things just like you like RTI when you are not in power.

  2. For any policy change, the credit must be given to only the one who finally approved it [The Prime Minister or the Chief Minister], and not to the people who recommended it. There would be thousands of people to recommend different things. But, a good leader accepts the good policies. It does not mean that, we should give credit to the people who proposed it. Credit should be given to only the who approved it.

    If you are talking about RTI, it has its roots in 2000. Vajpayee government introduced Freedom of Information Bill 2000, which became Act in 2002. The RTI bill has fixed few issues in that. If you want to give credit for RTI, significant credit should go to Vajpayee, and then to Manmohan Singh/Sonia Gandhi.

    If one can solve the issues by being outside politics, there is no need of joining politics, or starting a political party.

  3. @suman don't speculate everything.JP sir don't has a magic wand to drive away all the political debris .His reiterated efforts can merely reach limited area .Only the number counts atlast in the state assembly to pass potent bills