Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dr.JP and Laxman Balaji in TV9 On Student Cases


  1. Listen to this prabhakars argument. There no head or tail neither logic. When the issue is about arson, loot,extortion and justice delivery, he butts in with his totally irrelevant argument like BC/SC /telangana andhra etc.
    He has delusion that telangana people are his property & they would accept loot,arson extortion if done under guise of political movement.In a way this chap attacking JP is good ,since this has exposed there hollowness.I get a feeling that these politicians are afraid now, afraid because they will face warth of students if cases are not withdrawn. It aint going to happen in democracy.All this drama is save there own skin,just an eyewash to show that they are concerned about students.
    JP is 100% correct. If anybody whether students or others ,dosent matter from which region or religion,if have found to have committed serious crime ,should face full force of the law

  2. Lets bring our loksatta to power, We will show what is governance is..

    Plz vote for whistle and blow away these dirty politics.

  3. It is good that TRS is digging its well before 31st Dec. Already TDP burned their hands by questioning Loksatta funds! JP should reveal the proofs in front of the public and rip off TRS!