Friday, December 10, 2010

Dr.JP's Speech In Assembly On Punishing Guilty


  1. Raj news first in manipulating statements

  2. This report has plenty of adjectives eg darunam, anyayam etc.
    Somehow Raj TV editor thinks that viewers are idiots,lack commonsense to analyze or unable to know the difference between facts/ fictions.
    What JP has said is 100% correct. All people ,whether students or others ,should face full force of law ,if they are involved in serious crimes.

  3. is it called ? first ban this T.V .

    if this type of T.V telecast continues law and order problems will occur.

    first has to file against this T.V unit and owner

    Dirty media ..... rascals running this televisions

  4. There are lots of video clippings on youtube by this same Raj TV. They have invited (ONLY) TRS activists and amount of hatred they intent to spread is unbelievable. Also funny enough they have disabled comments section on the youtube.
    I think loksatta has exciting times ahead as this is all working to benefit of loksatta .The more TRS & there ilks open there mouths the more they will be exposed.
    My request to RajTV is to keep going with these chat shows -Good publicity for loksatta.
    My father ,who was never actively supported any political party is incensed with all this. I can reassure he will vote for loksatta next time

  5. This is a good preamble to discuss how the law and order was crippled through non-implementation of police reforms: It is a good example of how a small section of the people are using media to distort the straight forward talk. I heard one Mr. Prabhakar calling JP as a person with "kulagajji", thus, these statements from Mr. JP have a flavor of caste . I feel that the above comment is irrelevant and does not relate to what Mr.JP has said.
    I congratulate him for picking the issue of law and order at the time it is greatly needed.
    Let us hope that this will open the debate for much needed police reforms in our state. We are sick of extortion, kabjas, senas threatening, settlements....looks like we have lost the freedom to live safely.