Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dr.JP begins his GHMC election campaign

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  1. I was just watching a TV 9 program "Bastee Galli" where the Lokasatta candidate for Baag Lingampally missed a great opportunity to put across the Loksatta view point. The anchor interviewed several residents of the area with visuals on the sanitation and other issues and allowed opportunity to BJP,Cong,TDP and Loksatta - to respond to people's comments. He did not capture the essential point of JP's philosophy of Power to the People and instead digressed into saying that if elected he would devote 24 hours/day (if not - 12/day and the rest to his family) to resolve the issues. He should have emphasized on the decentralized and delegated authority for solving such issues by the elected ward committee of the locality. I wish that JP provides some kind of training to all these prospective council members - in facing the public and for TV appearences for a more effective communication.

    Every candidate should stress on the Ward Manifesto he/she prepared and explain how it would be implemented.